Dr. Abe Huang is the Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Huang is the former CTO of the company. His expertise includes sensors, microfabrication, circuits, and systems. As the CEO of the company, Dr. Huang leads the commercialization of LabSys’ technologies.

Dr. Stanley Zuo is the President of LabSys. Dr. Zuo leads the operations of the company. As an expert in synthetic diamond-related materials and control systems, he worked for the Fraunhofer Institute and the Naval Research Lab.

Dr. Chao Yang is the Chief Technology Officer. Dr. Yang worked for Marvell and Silicon Laboratories on analog and mixed signal CMOS integrated circuits.


Professor Chin-Long Wey has been mentoring the LabSys team since 2013. Professor Wey is the TSMC Distinguished Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, a Fellow of the US National Academy of Inventors, and a Fellow of the IEEE. He was the founding Director of the National Chip Implementation Center, Dean of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at National Central University. His research has focused on developing the characteristic abilities of high-quality integrated circuits, including functionality, diagnosability, testability, reliability, manufacturability, and safety, has produced approximately 300 journal articles and conference papers, and holds 17 issued international patents. Professor Wey is the founding President of JMicorn Technology, and board member of Mosel Vitelic Inc and ProMOS Technologies. Professor Wey servers as the technical consultant and/or advisory board member of the Ministries of National Defense, Examination, Economic Affairs, and Science and Technology.

Dr. Steve Hwang joined the board of advisors in 2019. Dr. Hwang is the Vice President of Development at Seagate Technology. He leads an international team of 470 in the US and Singapore,  overseeing the research, development, technology transfer, and production. Dr. Hwang is the author of two books on management and leadership.