LabSys has been servicing government, industry and university collaborators since 2009.  LabSys scientists and engineers are endowed with unique capabilities in microelectronics, microfabrication and life sciences to deliver our customers with unmatched integral solutions.

Based on Michigan’s world-class universities resources, LabSys has built strong a bonding of academic knowledge pool with industry to transfer knowledge to economic growth. LabSys has full access to the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility (LNF) and the University of Michigan Electron Microbeam Analysis Laboratory (EMAL) and the Composite Materials and Structures Center at Michigan State University. Some sample projects with our collaborators are:
• “High Temperature Superconductor Circuit Integration with CMOS Electronics on Sapphire” U.S. Navy SBIR phase II award.
• “Development of an Inexpensive, Rapid and Highly Sensitive Perchlorate Nanobiosensor”. USDA phase II SBIR award.
• “Bio-Inspired Dry Adhesives”, Department of Defense phase two SBIR award.

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